Introducing Block Insight’s Mission and Evaluators

Many projects in the DeFi industry are focused on building systems that will benefit the few but damage the rest through pump-and-dump mechanisms that are reliant on financial speculations and promises of long-term returns on investment. The fact is that these projects do not have a bright future. While they can make great promises and create hype on social media through various claims, the reality shaped by regulations and consumer demands will not treat them fairly. True user value is created through practical utility and usable products, and not speculations or radical pursuits of toxic ideologies.

Furthermore, a large number of projects are launched by anonymous teams who are not willing to reveal their identity due to their malicious long-term intentions. Many people are investing funds in these projects or joining their communities due to their lack of understanding and research. That is why we have launched Block Insight, a service analyzing blockchain projects for credibility, performance, and user potential.

Our mission is to help people in the blockchain industry better understand projects and the potential risks and benefits surrounding them. What is more, we want to help good blockchain startups inspire trust by investors and users by conducting data-driven due diligence and tests of their ideas, business model, marketing strategies, etc. Our vision is to become a distinguished badge of approval for blockchain startups looking to raise funding, grow their brand, and expand their lifecycle. We do not want to endorse any projects or give investment advice to blockchain enthusiasts, our goal is very simple — bring clarity into a space full of speculations and untruthful statements so people can better understand and recognize good projects within it.

To achieve this goal, we will be partnering with different entities and recruiting industry professionals (established developers, entrepreneurs and investors) who will be helping us conduct an evaluation of these projects and publish reports about them through our partners. Hence, to give you a better idea and the seriousness of our pursuit to protect blockchain enthusiasts from malicious industry players, we are very proud to introduce you to our selected evaluators, a group of industry professionals passionate about the future of blockchain technology and digital currencies, and give you a glimpse of our network that is set to grow and expand in 2021:

1) Luka Sučić (LinkedIn), a partner at Meta Change Capital, an investment fund whose team has practical experience in starting and scaling blockchain protocol to unicorn status, accelerating +300 startups, advising the United Nations and launching multiple investment funds. He was previously Director of Investments at Aaeternity Ventures, investment manager at Hub:raum, the incubator of Deutsche Telekom, and a director of Nest01, a co-working space.

2) Ivan Bjelajac (LinkedIn), the founder of MVP Workshop, one of the leading blockchain development companies in Europe with clients like Celsius and Swarm. Some of their partners include Stellar, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and CGE’s Digital Supply Chain Institute (DSCI). Ivan is also an Advisory Board member at Celsius Network, President of the Serbia Blockchain Initiative, Blockchain Advisor to The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and Google Launchpad Startup Mentor. Previously, he was COO of Devana Technologies that got acquired by GoDaddy. After the acquisition, he was the Operating Director of GoDaddy Europe.

3) Gogo Rafajlovski (LinkedIn), operational director at SEEUTechPark, co-founder at Startup Macedonia, Startup Valuation Expert at, the emerging data-driven innovation platform using AI and team collaboration workflows to match corporates, investors, and accelerators with high potential startups. Gogo is also an IP Consultant who helps entrepreneurs and innovative startups reach their full potential. With over 15 years of experience, his background includes operations management, startup investments, intellectual property & valuations.

4) Jasmin Alić (LinkedIn), award-winning educator, professional copywriter and marketing expert. He currently works as creative director at HICO-Group and marketing copywriter at Digicel, an international mobile phone network and home entertainment provider operating in over 33 markets. Jasmin is also a member of Microsoft’s Creative Talent Group and there is a good chance you have read some of his words while learning more about Microsoft’s Office 365 Suite. He also brings experience from creative projects for companies like Apple and Shell to the table. Apart from his professional background, he is also an acknowledged EFL teacher, SAT trainer and a German course instructor.

As we move forward, we will be announcing more evaluators, partners, and members of our network. The aforementioned individuals are not directly employed by Block Insight. They are not endorsing any projects or tokens in our ecosystem, any digital assets or their trading on public exchanges, or supporting any of Block Insight’s partners. Their opinion is not financial advice. They are members of the Block Insight network, operating as independent evaluators within that network, helping us evaluate the projects, protect the ecosystem, and bring clarity about the risks and benefits of selected blockchain companies and digital assets to the general masses.

The only way for DeFi and other blockchain projects to not be labeled as ‘scam’ in today’s era and establish a healthy environment in their community is a distinct feature that validates their place in the industry. With all that being said, our mission statement is to protect the community from fraudulent projects and help great blockchain companies receive deserved recognition.

We can build a better future together and protect the entire blockchain space from harsh regulations and malicious individuals. Follow us on Twitter for more updates or contact us for potential partnership opportunities/to join us as an evaluator:

Visit our website: Block Insight

A service analyzing blockchain projects for credibility, performance, and user potential.

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